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With UPS Trade Management Services, you are more than just another customer. You should expect personal and professional service at all times. You will be assigned a lead staff member who will work with you to ensure that all of your company’s needs are met and that your company is compliant with all laws and customs regulations.

We are dedicated to ensuring efficiency in your Foreign Trade Zone operations and providing the best savings for your company. Excellence is what you should expect when working with Zone Solutions.

Our staff works tirelessly to provide a variety of services in Foreign Trade Zone operations to our clients, including the following:


Overseeing the operations of a Foreign Trade Zone properly requires a high degree of specialized knowledge and skill. A collaborative partnership with UPS Trade Management Services to complete zone administrative operations enables you to concentrate on your company’s core competencies while enjoying the benefits of Foreign Trade Zone activities with a high level of compliance, reliable support, and on-going business continuity.

UPS Trade Management Services utilizes a team approach when working with your company. Zone operations are continuous, and regulatory requirements are not suspended due to a staff member’s absence. For this reason, you will not only have a primary staff member who will work closely with your Foreign Trade Zone, but you will also be assigned a secondary professional to serve as a competent back-up, fully trained in your zone operations, in the event your primary contact is unavailable.

Our managed services cover regulatory mandated activities that keep your company fully compliant. Services include those required by law and customs regulations to be performed on a daily, weekly, quarterly and annual basis. Our staff will continuously audit your company’s Foreign Trade Zone systems and procedures to ensure your zone is compliant at all times. We have established long-standing and positive relationships with U.S. Customs and the Foreign Trade Zone Board, and we are skilled in providing communication between your company and these two entities.
Implementation of a successful inventory and recordkeeping system is an integral part of any Foreign Trade Zone activation. The staff at UPS Trade Management Services has successfully managed the Foreign Trade Zone software implementation for many distinguished and prominent companies and is currently involved in ongoing implementation projects.

You will be assigned a primary contact or project leader for systems implementation, and this person will work closely with you to develop, distribute and maintain an implementation schedule.

Zone Solutions staff will visit your site and coordinate a Foreign Trade Zone kick-off meeting to gain an understanding and overview of your company’s processes and systems.

Your primary contact, along with key Zone Solutions staff, will conduct status meetings as needed in order to keep the project on schedule.

Prior to your site going “live,” Zone Solutions will work with your staff and participate in Technical Pilot activities to ensure feeds are correctly formatted and all transactions are accounted for appropriately. The objective of this Technical Pilot is to verify that the Physical Inventory Balance and Inventory Transactions feeds contain correct and complete data, and to verify the correctness of the layout of the feeds.

Implementation also includes thirty (30) days of User Pilot Activities. These activities include data, part master and form review and validation. Our goal is not only for your site to “go live” as soon as possible but to do so smoothly and efficiently.
The decision to activate and operate a Foreign Trade Zone requires careful consideration and cost-benefit analysis to determine whether your company will benefit from this program. While the savings can be great, not every business is suited to operate within the Foreign Trade Zone program. Our company recognizes this, is always honest and direct with our clients and truly has your company’s best interests at heart.

UPS Trade Management Services offers a variety of consulting services to guide you in making this determination and walk you through the process. These services can include assisting in Foreign Trade Zone site designation, systems implementation, and activation of a Foreign Trade Zone, as well as requests for production activity. UPS Trade Management Services also offers cost-benefit analysis and general Foreign Trade Zone education to help guide you through this process and ultimately make the best decision for your company.

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Foreign Trade Zones Board
Journal of Commerce

Federal Register

Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)

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Foreign Trade Zone

SHORT DEFINITION - A Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) is a designated geographic location within in the United States that is considered to legally be outside of U.S. Customs territory for duty purposes.

Goods brought into a Foreign Trade Zone are considered to be part of international commerce and not domestic. They will only be taxed upon officially exiting the zone and entering U.S. commerce.

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